Minutes of the 233rd Meeting of the Registration Committee held on 01.04..2003 at 2.00 P.M.  in Committee Room 142,  Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi 

            The 233rd meeting of the Registration Committee (RC) was held under the Chairmanship of Dr. C.R. Hazra, Agriculture Commissioner on 01.04.2003 at 2.30 P.M. in Room No. 142,  Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi.   Dr. P.S. Chandurkar, PPA to the Govt. of India, Dr. O.P. Dubey, ADG (PP), Shri P.N. Maji, Joint Industrial Adviser  and Shri S.S. Prasad, Secretary, CIB & RC, members of the Committee attended the meeting.   

The following Officers from the Sectt. of CIB & RC were also present in the meeting: 

1.                    Dr. R.B.L. Bhaskar, JD(Bio)

2.                   Dr. Brajendra Singh, Ento(I)

3.                   Dr. (Mrs.) S. Kulshrestha, JD (Medical)

3.          Er. S.K. Ghosh, SSO (P&P).

  1.        Dr. (Mrs.) G. Mukherjee, SSO (Chem)

      5.           Dr. Hari Prasad, SSO(Chem)

6.          Dr. B.S. Phogat, Agro(H)

7.                     Shri Balbir Singh SO(CIR-I)

8.                     Shri Neeraj Kulshrestha, Assistant (Legal)


 Agenda ItemNo 1.0

Confirmation of the  minute of the 232   meeting of the Registration Committee

The Secretary, CIB&RC informed that he has received comments from PPA relating to agenda item no. 3.1.  The Chairman suggested that the comments of PPA may be brought in the next meeting of RC.  Minutes for other items were confirmed formally.

Agenda Item No  2.0

Follow-up action on the decisions taken by the Registration Committee in its 232nd   meeting

 The Committee perused the follow-up action taken by the Secretariat  with  satisfaction.

Agenda Item No  2.1

Applications pending under various Sub-Sections of Section 9 of the Insecticides Act, 1968

            The Committee noted the pendency under various Sub-Sections    of  Section 9 of the Act and congratulated profusely the Secretariat of CIB&RC for efficient functioning  which has enabled to bring   down the pendency drastically

Agenda Item No  3.0

Government Business
Agenda Item No. 4.0 Export cases

Agenda Item No  4.1

The applicants as per details at Annexure 4.1 have applied for grant of registration of the already registered technical / formulation having the same, lower and higher concentration / new concentration for export under Section 9(3)


Agenda Item No  4.2

Consideration of application of M/s ATUL Ltd. for grant of registration for indigenous manufacture of Folpet technical for export only under Section 9(3)


Agenda Item No  4.3

Consideration of application of M/s Gujarat Agrochem Ltd.. for grant of registration for indigenous manufacture of Metamitron technicalfor export only under Section 9(3)


Agenda Item No  4.4

Consideration of application of M/s Hikal Ltd., Mumbai. for grant of registration for indigenous manufacture of Terbacilt technical for export only under Section 9(3)


Agenda Item No  4.5 Consideration of application of M/s Hikal Ltd., Mumbai. for grant of registration for indigenous manufacture of Chlorpropham technical for export only under Section 9(3)


Agenda Item No  5.0

 9 (3B) Cases


Agenda Item No  6.0

 9 (3B) Cases


Agenda Item No  7.0                                                                                                                                                        
Agenda Item No  7.1 Application for registration under Section 9 (4)



Agenda Item No 7.2 Consideration of application of M/s Heranba Industries Ltd., Mumbai for grant of registration of Alphamethrin technical under Section 9(4) TIM for indigenous manufacture.


Agenda Item No 7.3 Consideration of application of M/s Bhaskar Agro Chemicals Limited, Hyderabad for grant of registration of Ethion technical under Section 9(4) TIM for indigenous manufacture.

 The Committee deliberated the agenda in detail and observed that the total of the active ingredients and the impurities exceed 100%.  The Committee decided that the chemical composition of Ethion technical of M/s Rallis India  may be checked.  Outcome may be brought to the next meeting for consideration.

Agenda Item No. 8.0 Miscellaneous items
Agenda Item No. 8.1 Endorsement cases for approval

The Committee perused the Annexure 8.1 and approved the cases listed therein except the case listed at serial number 2 which may be checked.

Agenda Item No. 8.2 Consideration of extension of bio-efficacy claims of Deltamethrin 25% Tablet in favour of M/s Aventis Crop Sciences, Mumbai.


Addl.Agenda Item  No.3.1  Consideration of the Report of the Expert Group on Endosulfan


As desired by the Chairman, Registration Committee Dr. O.P. Dubey, ADG (PP) & Chairman, Expert Group and  member of the Registration Committee presented salient features of the Report of the Expert Group on Endosulfan..  The recommendations presented by the Chairman of the Expert Group are as under:

.      Recommendations

1.   There is no link established between use of Endosulfan in PCK plantations and health problems reported in Padre village.

  1. In consideration of the recommendations given by various other committees, it is recommended that aerial spraying of pesticides may not be allowed at all in any situations including in PCK plantations to ensure full safety.
  2. The application of all pesticides including Endosulfan is to be done adhering to regulatory stipulations in force from time to time.
  3. The pesticides manufacturers should take necessary steps to promote & educate sellers & users to ensure correct and safe use of all pesticides.
  4. Since India has adequate pre-registration data requirement and post registration review processes concerning use of pesticides, it is recommended that science based responses be made available to all stake holders and general public by registration authorities.  There is often a huge gap between perception of the risk and actual scientific risk assessment.  This gap is to be filled by proper and timely propagation of knowledge & information.
  5. Since the relationship of alleged illnesses with Endosulfan in Padre could not be established, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive, well designed and detailed health and epidemiological study in the entire cashew plantation area of Kerala  to ascertain the incidences of diseases in Padre vis--vis Kerala state averages and in case there is evidence of unusual health problem to investigate and if possible pinpoint the probable / most probable factor(s) that are responsible for alleged health problems.
  6. Finally, after considering all above factors and available reports, it is recommended that use of Endosulfan be continued as per provisions of Insecticides Act.

Thereafter the Chairman sought the views of the members of the Committee on the above recommendations. 

       -   PPA to the Govt. of India observed that the Report presented by the Chairman, Expert Group is                          comprehensive and the recommendations given are realistic,  aerial application of Endosulfan may not be                          permitted except otherwise during national exigencies,  application of Endosulfan near water bodies should                             not   be  allowed and use of Endosulfan may continue.  

                        -     Joint Industrial Adviser, Shri P.N. Maji observed that the Expert Group has taken into consideration various             reports, endorsed the observations of PPA and appreciated the efforts made by the Chairman. Expert                   Group

           -    Secretary, CIB/RC suggested  that there should be no blanket ban on aerial application of pesticides.                   Such applications may be required in exigencies like locust attack.

After listening the views of various members of the Committee, the Chairman accepted the recommendations except the recommendation number (2) with the modification that the aerial spraying may be allowed in case of national exigencies after permission of the Board. Regarding the recommendation number (6), he agreed for the study which could be considered by  PP Division of DAC but the current use of Endosulfan may not be linked to this study.

Chairman, Dr. C.R. Hazra observed that the report is well documented and scientific in approach.  He              profusely appreciated the efforts made by Dr. Dubey and placed the same on records.


Addl.Agenda Item  No  3.2 Prevention of illegal import of sub-standard pesticides from unathorised sources.


1.      The Committee deliberated  the agenda in detail and noted the order of the Appellate Authority and decided to rescind the  cancellation orders, withdraw the letters issued to the State Govts. / UTs for cancellation of the manufacturing licences.

2.      Regarding other issues the comments sought by the Appellate Authority, the Committee decided that the detailed guidelines / comments may be brought for consideration.

3.      The Committee further decided not to take action against   the remaining 3 cases.  RPG Life Science and Tropical Agro System till the issue is sorted out.


            Any other item with the permission of the Chairman


The Secretary CIB &RC apprised that the various associations of the pesticide industry have met the senior Officers in the DAC.  These associations have requested for providing minutes of the Registration Committee.  After deliberations, the Committee decided to host the  minutes on website of Registration Secretariat  www.cibrc.nic.in” with immediate effect.

                        The meeting ended with a Vote of Thanks to the Chair.